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Colleen Davin


Coach, Author, Entrepreneur
"I'm a life and soul architect." :)

You know how sometimes you feel like there has to be more to life than this? 

I'll work with you if you're hungry for something more. We identify what matters most to you, and make a plan to bring more of that into your life. Unlike many who focus on the job, money, or day to day survival, we'll build your life on legacy, joy, calm, and excitement. And the money will follow. But YOU will do the work - you're the only one who can actually make the change in the end. :)

Areas of Expertise

Small Business Advancement, Job Changes, Life Changes, Purpose Finding, Health/Wellness, & Religious Exit/Change Assistance.
  • You have so many ideas for your business and your life, your brain is muddled. and you're having trouble getting to the next level. I'll help you get clear and discover the solutions hidden within you. ​

  • You want to feel excited about life and feel like what you're doing matters. I'll help you uncover your opportunities and desires and bring more of that into your life. We'll find purpose, or ministry, and zest!

  • I'll help you accept and love yourself for who you are, where you are, and we'll reveal what's blocking health and wellness in your life. You'll learn so much about you.

  • You've been connected to a religious organization but now have doubts. Something's wrong. But how do you leave the skeletal structure the rest of your life hangs upon, and where do you go? You're torn between leaving and staying. We'll figure out something that works for you. I'll work with you no matter what religion you come from, and if spirituality and a community of people is what you want and need, we'll work to find a new connection that fits you. 


I am a curious, grateful person who appreciates beauty and loves to learn. And I can't think of anything more beautiful and intriguing than a human. Let's work out the puzzle of you and help you accomplish your dreams.

Coaching and Therapy are different from each other. What I do is NOT therapy. To learn more about the difference, click on the "Read More" button.



Colleen as

Entrepreneur ...


Fragrant Acres Eclectic Offers:

Live Butterflies

Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars

Cut Flowers

Community Involvement:

Family Mental Health Promotion - Nonprofit



Schedule a Free 30 Minute Consultation with Me

We'll use this 30-minute session to see what you're working on and what it might be like to work with me. And I'll answer any of your remaining questions. Fill out the form below, and let's get started! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Tel: 423-402-6505

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